Autoput za Novi Sad 100D, Beograd, Srbija

    Iznajmljivanje viljuškara Subotica

    Iznajmljivanje viljuškara Subotica

    Rental forklifts Subotica. We offer forklifts in all locations in Serbia. If you want to rent a forklift, we will deliver the forklift to your address, regardless of your location. Rental forklifts can be short-term (forklift rental per hour, forklift rental per day, forklift rental for one month, forklift rental for one year, forklift rental for two years) and long-term forklift rental for three years and more. You can also arrange forklift transport by yourself, if you prefer. Offered forklifts are located worldwide, in various locations. We are choosing the most optimal forklift for your business. Each forklift has been washed, oiled and technically inspected prior to delivery.

    Huge assortment of new and used forklifts for rental 

    We offer is a wide range of used forklifts of all types and models. We offer STILL, Jungheinrich, Toyota, Linde, Grandma, Hyster, KAUP, SEA, LiuGong and other forklifts.

    For any additional information you can contact us at: +381 66 400 430 or e-mail

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    Iznajmljivanje viljuškara

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