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Lift Truck

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    Electronics industry

    The electrical engineering sector is composed of a variety of areas, for example, automation, electronics, communications technology or electric drive technology and medical equipment.
    Typical products in the electronics industry are: electric drives, switchboards, industrial controls, instrumentation, consumer electronics, lighting technology, batteries, security systems, cables and wires, medical devices.
    The high level of reliability of the supply chain is one of the key parameters of the industry. Given that these goods are mostly sensitive, handling precision is required. Due to the large amount of identical products, most companies in this industry are considering automation. Since these are electronic products and components, it is important that all handling means are equipped with anti-static features.
    The best way to get the performance you need is through forklifts with long maintenance intervals and quick battery replacement. The maintenance-free, multidisc oil bath brakes and encapsulated (enclosed) AC motors allow the forklift truck to spend as little time as possible outside its operating activities, as these components do not require maintenance. For precision purposes, as noted earlier, it is important that the forklift truck has good panoramic visibility and sensitive hydraulic controls. Due to the limited working space, narrow turning radius, free view mast and good seat visibility are highly desirable in these operating conditions.

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