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    Beverage industry

    There are several divisions in the beverage industry, but all sub categories face very similar challenges on a daily basis. Given that most manufacturers in the beverage industry operate on high-speed lines, the tolerance of line downtime is minimized.
    Typical products in the beverage industry are: soft drinks, water, juice, beer, wine.
    The requirements placed on the internal logistics segment are first and foremost power, which is reflected in high performance when handling a forklift truck with very short deadlines. Another requirement is compactness, where it is important to allow for storage in very narrow spaces. The third requirement is the ergonomics of the forklift itself, as certain solutions need to enable the operator to perform his/her tasks effortlessly and in the best / fastest way in terms of safety. Lastly, the most important requirement is availability, which means uninterrupted bottling and delivery.
    The beverage industry requires high driving speed, high hydraulics speed, therefore a high quality and high performance machine is required. Short battery replacement time is another feature that handling equipment in this industry needs to meet in order to spend as little time as possible on operations not directly related to production. High load capacity, high residual capacity, resistance to dirt and water (moisture) are some of the technical requirements directly affecting the needs of the beverage industry and allowing for greater performance in the production and storage process. In addition, the high level of ergonomics of the forklift reflected in a beverage industry-tailored cabin with the ability to swivel the operator's seat when reversing, long maintenance intervals, maintenance-free multidisc oil bath brakes, encapsulated (enclosed) AC motors and easy service is something that allows forklifts / operators to spend as little time as possible outside their core activity, which is the transfer of goods.

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