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    Used forklifts | Plastics and rubber materials industry

    Plastics and rubber materials industry

    The plastics and rubber industry includes companies manufacturing and processing plastics and rubber materials. Plastics and rubber are combined in this industry since plastics is increasingly used as a substitute for rubber. In the plastics and rubber industry a wide variety of products are made.
    The products typical of the plastics and rubber industry are: bottles, fibers, films, windows, packaging, bumpers, tires, bags, pipes, flooring, cables, toys, containers, household goods.
    The production, transportation and storage of hazardous materials are the most important topics for this industry. At the same time, handling precision is required due to the need for accurate handling of raw materials and semi-finished products. Forklifts and handling equipment are required to be strong and robust because of heavy operating conditions of high dust concentration environment.
    This is best achieved through the technical characteristics of the forklifts: low center of gravity, good panoramic visibility, user-friendly workplace, intuitive control, belly button, dead man switch, electric parking brake, access step tread.

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