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Lift Truck

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    Used forklifts | Retail industry

    Retail industry

    The food retail industry shall include sales of a product range that consists mostly of food. In addition to food and beverages, cleaning agents and detergents, hygiene and body care products as well as non-food products (e.g. consumer goods) are also sold.
    The most important requirement in the retail industry is the availability of low capacity forklifts and goods handling equipment. When goods are not transported on time and the shelf is empty, the company suffers short and long term losses.
    There are several ways to achieve this: long maintenance intervals, quick battery replacement, maintenance-free multidisc oil bath brakes, encapsulated (enclosed) AC motors, easy service are important. All of this has a significant impact on saving time and achieving better results in the field of internal logistics, which is of strategic importance in the retail industry.

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