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    Linde Material Handling GmbH is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of forklifts and warehouse equipment. The company’s portfolio also includes indoor logistics, such as managing a fleet of forklifts, automatization, and operator-aiding systems. They are recognizable for their standard industrial forklifts with SUS engines and hydrostatic transmission, which brings a high level of precision and drivability with minimal fuel consumption and a long life expectancy. Standard industrial forklifts are also known for certain unique technical solutions, such as the position of tilt cylinders, a self-supporting chassis, bushing for vibration amortization, engine surveillance and control systems, hydraulic systems, etc. The manufacturing program includes heavy-duty forklifts with a capacity of 18t and a diesel engine. The company was excluded from Linde plc (formerly Linde AG) in 2006 and is now a part of the KION group. The headquarters and the largest production site are located in Aschaffenburg.

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