Why should I buy a forklift when I can rent it?

Why should I buy a forklift when I can rent it?

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    Why should I buy a forklift when I can rent it? | 18-Aug-2019

    Forklift rental has become increasingly popular in recent years. Global corporations have realized that they will be much more efficient in capital commitment if they use it solely for their core business. Given that forklifts are not part of the core but support activity of any business, forklift ownership has lost its economic sense.

    Focus on the operating result puts us in a position to commit support activities only when necessary. This has a direct effect on maximizing capacity utilization. Traditional thinking of owning everything, even what we use once a year or once a month, is quite outdated. Nevertheless, there is still a large percentage of companies opting for forklift purchase. People generally like to own things, not paying attention to actual use and profitability of such business system. These dilemmas are present when it comes to long-term forklift rental, since you keep such forklift for at least three years. If we talk about short-term forklift rental, this is a whole different thing. No one wants to buy a forklift for one project only, or for seasonal increase in scope of work. These are the main benefits of short-term rentals. Hire a forklift only when you need it, whether you need it for an hour, a day, or 6 months. Of course, this has its advantages, but it may also be challenging. It is difficult to find a reliable supplier who will always be able to support your business. That is why it is important to discuss your business model with your supplier and plan the resources required for successful project completion. Currently, LTC has more than 100 forklifts with different technical characteristics in its fleet of short-term rental forklifts. We are constantly purchasing new forklifts and putting them into our short-term rental program. So far, we have dealt with different requirements and different industries. Each industry has its own specificities and it is therefore of utmost importance that you consult your forklift supplier in the right way. We shall share one example that may be of use to you: a company engaged in construction has asked for three-month forklift rental. They asked exclusively for an electric forklift because they heard it was much more economical than diesel or gas forklift. They thought that would save them some extra money and they were completely right. If we do not have the chance to go to the site itself, which is the best possible option, and to see for ourselves the working conditions for the required forklift, we usually ask the client to send some photos of the workspace. And that’s what we did in this case. Our consultants realized that there was no outlet provided for battery charge. When we called them to ask if there was any power source, they said: "No, there isn’t. We have just started the construction works." Saying that, they automatically realized that their request was completely impracticable.

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