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    Used or new forklifts? | 25-Sep-2019

    Buying a forklift is a complex process and requires certain technical knowledge, regardless of whether you purchase a new or used one. In any case, many parameters are involved when choosing a forklift, thus it is a good idea to have an expert who may help in this process.

    The experience so far implies that the most important factor for deciding between a new and a used forklift is the planned amount of work. Based on this information, you may predict the load to be applied to the forklift. In addition, working conditions are very important, that is, working environment and the very nature of the work. This varies from factory to factory and from industry to industry. We can say that there are rules for working in a particular industry, but we may also say with certainty that each factory makes a case for itself. For these reasons, buying a forklift requires a thorough work analysis, so that you are ultimately convinced that you are getting an adequate forklift.

    If your work involves less than 1000 operating hours a year and if you have good working conditions, we certainly recommend a refurbished, used forklift rather than a new forklift. Why? First of all, the answer lies in economic viability. Forklift is a working machine and its economic justification is reflected in its economics of operation, reliability and performance. If forklift operating hours are not sufficient to justify its cost, there is no economic justification for purchasing new equipment. Depending on the condition of the used forklift, age and operating hours, it is at least 20% cheaper than a new forklift with the same technical characteristics.

    If you have decided to enter the process of purchasing a used forklift, we believe it is useful to know the following: purchasing a used forklift can often be more complicated than purchasing a new one. You do not have the opportunity to configure the forklift as you wish, but you have to adapt it to the needs of the work you do, which is not the best solution. To choose a good used forklift you need the choice. It often happens that in-stock forklifts that are immediately available for delivery are not the right solution for you.

    By addressing this issue, we have provided our clients with the choice. The choice consists of two options: to find something suitable from our stock or to look for a forklift with our partners abroad. Regardless of whether we already have a used forklift available or need to provide one for you, we shall be responsible for its technical condition.

    Of course, it is up to you to decide whether you want to buy a forklift "as is" or you want us to apply the industrial refurbishing system, after which we provide a full guarantee of quality of the work performed. Industrial refurbishing process is possible in three categories (bronze, silver and gold), all depending on how much you want to rebuild your forklift.

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